watermelon caipirinha

Watermelon caipirinha

If you like Caipifruta, you will definitely like this Boileddinner.com suggestion! Here we teach you how to prepare a watermelon caipirinha, to liven up your party! This drink is very refreshing and smoother than the traditional caipirinha, since the watermelon, having a high percentage of water, dilutes the alcohol a little. Check out how to do it below and try it out!

2 guests
low difficulty

Ingredients for making watermelon Caipirinha:

100 milliliters of cachaça
1 cup of diced seedless watermelon
2 pieces of lime
2 tablespoons of sugar
crushed ice

How to make watermelon Caipirinha:

To prepare this refreshing caipirinha recipe, the first step is to cut the ends of the limes, then cut into quarters and remove the white part in the center.

Distribute the watermelon and lemon over two cups, add the sugar and crush with a hammer.

Tip: Adjust the amount of sugar to your liking.

Add the crushed ice and cachaça, and mix with the help of a spoon. Complete the watermelon caipirinha with a straw and serve chilled. Have a good time!

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