feeding the dog

Feeding the dog and the puppy

1. Premise Nutrition and movement are fundamental elements for the health of any dog. Not too different from the human one, the ideal diet for dogs is substantially omnivorous, as shown by studies on the dietary needs and dietary habits of today’s canids living in the wild. To avoid getting lost in the usual debates […]

how to check oil temperature

How to check oil temperature without a cooking thermometer- three methods to check the oil temperature

How to check oil temperature? Those who love fried food will surely know how important kitchen thermometers are to obtain good frying: whether it is chips, chicken wings, or doughnuts, avoiding going beyond the smoke point is also essential for the health of those who eat. But what if you don’t have a cooking thermometer? […]

Lasagna with zucchini
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Lasagna with zucchini and ham: the recipe for the simple and delicious first course

Lasagna with zucchini and ham is a creamy and tasty first course: a white lasagna to be prepared as an alternative to the classic lasagna bolognese or zucchini lasagna. In this recipe, we have made the filling with zucchini, cooked ham, béchamel and stringy mozzarella to obtain a creamy and irresistible lasagna to prepare for […]