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milk mush

Milk mush recipe with dried meat

Do you know the milk mush recipe prepared with milk where the sun dried meat has been cooking? Here at Special food, I teach you how to do it! It’s a very simple recipe and it is very tasty to accompany the sun-dried meat, which in this case I baked […]

Chicken Couscous Recipe

The chicken couscous is a traditional recipe from June festivals. For those unfamiliar, this couscous is prepared with almost all the ingredients of couscous à Paulista, but the consistency is similar to mush. It can be served anyway or as an accompaniment to a pastry and we guarantee it will […]

Artichoke carpaccio: the recipe for a fresh and crunchy dish

Artichoke carpaccio is a very simple dish to make, with a fresh taste and a pleasantly crunchy texture. The tender and very sweet artichoke hearts are thinly sliced, marinated in lemon juice and finally dressed with parsley-flavoured extra virgin olive oil. The result is a tasty dish, perfect to be […]

Saffron fennel with white wine

Saffron fennel, this vegetarian dish based on fennel, tomato paste, garlic and onion stewed in white wine, is easy to prepare and delicious to taste. Nutrition Facts Calories 2992% Daily Value*Total Fat 90.2g 116%, Saturated Fat 12g 60%, Cholesterol 0mg 0%, Sodium 2796mg 122%, Total Carbohydrate 178.4g 65%, Dietary Fiber […]


Parsley Potatoes are a tasty and light side dish, perfect to accompany meat and fish dishes. This is perhaps the most loved and known potato salad. I’m sure you have eaten them at least once on Sunday lunches at grandma’s house! The ingredients needed are few and simple. Just some […]