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melon milkshake

melon milkshake With Noni, Melon, And Mint

An illustrious unknown: Coco Milkshake With Noni, Melon, And MintAlthough in Japan it is still little known, in other parts of the world and especially in the East, noni is a well-known fruit and highly appreciated for its medicinal properties. Sometimes called “Indian mulberry”, noni, especially in powder form, can […]

Tamarind juice

Tamarind juice, well-being and tradition

Tamarind juice: the taste, the greeting and the tradition in a single preparation That of tamarind juice is a recipe that skilfully combines the flavour decided by the ancient Sicilian tradition and healthy energy attentive to the well-being of body and mind, giving life and a drink with an overwhelming […]

lemon granita recipe Italian

lemon granita recipe Italian

lemon granita recipe Italian is an easy and successful recipe, ideal to be consumed in summer for its fresh, thirst-quenching and lively flavour. To make it, you do not need special equipment, nor the ice cream maker: the only tool you will need will be a simple fork! The quality […]