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tongue cleaning

Tongue cleaning and mouthwash against halitosis

1. Tongue Cleaning: Why It Matters and How To Do It In about 90% of cases, bad breath (halitosis) is due to insufficient oral hygiene. In particular, the excessive microflora residing on the tongue is most frequently called into question. Like that which feast on plaque, tartar, and gum pockets, lingual microflora produces volatile sulfur […]

Brazil nut milk
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Brazil nut milk

One of the most nutritious vegetable drinks we can consume is Brazil nut milk. If you want to learn how to make vegetable milk from Brazil nuts, continue here at SpecialFood! Today we are witnessing an increasing concern to reduce the consumption of foods of animal origin, including cow’s milk. Thanks to this awareness, it […]

differences between durum wheat and soft wheat

The differences between durum wheat and soft wheat: cultivation, use in the kitchen and properties

Similar in structure but profoundly different in shape, nutritional values, uses in cooking and cultivation: how many of you really know the differences between durum wheat and soft wheat? From the first we obtain the white flour, from the second the semolina: yet the differences do not end there, let’s see why. Structurally similar but […]


Laurel, anti-inflammatory: here are properties, benefits, use and contraindications

Laurel (Bay leaf) is a plant with an intense aroma and numerous properties. Ranging from culinary applications to herbal medicine, laurel finds an important position as an ally for human health. Laurel, whose taxonomic name is Laurus nobilis, is an evergreen plant belonging to the Lauraceae family and native to the southern areas of Europe. […]