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lemon cultivation

Lemon: the plant and its cultivation

The lemon plant, Citrus limon, is native to India and Indochina, is an evergreen plant like the other citrus fruits of the Rutaceae family, and has a certain ornamental value. According to some, it is not a real species but a hybrid between cedar (Citrus medica) and Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), […]


How to plant asparagus legs

Asparagus is multi-year cultivation, which means that it must remain in the same garden plot for a few years, therefore it must not be sown every year. Asparagus can produce up to 20 years if the asparagus is carefully cultivated. It is not the simplest cultivation among vegetables, but certainly, […]


The cultivation of lavender

The term lavender derives from the verb “wash”, the plant owes its name to its good scent: being used in soaps or to perfume drawers, it is typically associated with an idea of ​​good and clean. When it blooms in the garden it is an explosion of color and this […]

grow asparagus

How to grow asparagus

Grow asparagus. it is not an easy vegetable to grow and requires a lot of work, however, the effort is rewarded with great satisfaction when it comes to harvest. The asparagus plant is cultivated for many years and according to botanists it is called Asparagus Officinalis, it is part of […]

Aloysia citrodora

Aloysia citrodora: cultivation and properties of lemon verbena

Aloysia citrodora (lemon verbena) herb is an aromatic and medicinal plant with a scent very similar to that of lemon balm, which is a characteristic intense note of lemon. We easily hear it mentioned with other names such as “lemon Beebrush”, “Lippiatriphylla”, “herb Louisa” or verbena triphylla, but also “aloysiacitriodora” […]


The cultivation of the fig

The fig is a typical Mediterranean plant, which is found spontaneously in hot and arid areas, thanks to its remarkable ability to adapt. It even manages to exploit the little land between the cracks in the dry stone walls, where it is often seen developing to challenge the stones with […]


Tarragon Estragon: garden spices

We present an aromatic herb with a strong and particular flavor, ideal to grow in the home garden to have some spices always available in the kitchen and change the flavor of our recipes a little. Tarragon is an aromatic plant also cultivated in Italy, especially in Tuscany and in […]


Growing turmeric: here’s how

Turmeric is that yellow-orange powder also known as Indian saffron, a spice that has become an increasingly popular ingredient in our cuisine for the particular flavor it gives to dishes and for its positive effects on health, especially in combination with black pepper. The plant is commonly cultivated for ornamental […]

garden cress

How to grow garden cress

Garden cress is an interesting annual plant to grow in the garden, even if little is known. It is characterized by being adaptable to different soils, has good resistance to cold, and can also be grown in pots if you garden on the balcony. Garden cress (Lepidium sativus) is also […]


Cumin: how it is grown

Cumin is an aromatic herb often also referred to as “caraway“, a term that suggests its spontaneous presence in natural environments. It is precisely in the meadows, pastures, and uncultivated areas that it is often found in a mixture with many other essences, especially in the areas of the Alps. […]