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aubergine pesto

Aubergine pesto with fennel

Aubergine pesto is a very versatile condiment in the kitchen: you can use it to season a first course or to give an extra touch to canapes, toast, and sandwiches to eat as an aperitif or appetizer. Using fresh, firm, and tasty aubergines, perhaps grown directly in your garden, you […]

baked carbonara

Baked carbonara: the revisited recipe by chef Marco Cavalli

Baked carbonara is a rich and tasty first course, inspired by the recipe signed by the starred chef Marco Cavalli. The basic ingredients are the same as the symbolic dish of Roman cuisine, to which the stracchino is added which will give the dish a creamy and super enveloping consistency, […]

Pasta with peppers

Pasta With Peppers Cruschi

Pasta with peppers cruschi is a typical first course of the Lucanian tradition: a very simple recipe prepared with a condiment based on oil, garlic, parsley, cruschi peppers (Sun-Dried Peppers) and crunchy breadcrumbs. Quick and tasty, this first course can be made with different long pasta shapes such as linguine, […]