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pasta and cabbage
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Pasta and cabbage: the recipe for the first course of the Italian tradition

Pasta and cabbage is a tasty typical autumn first course, a poor and traditional recipe of Neapolitan cuisine and of southern Italy with an intense smell. In fact, cauliflower has a particularly strong scent, but once cooked it loses its aggressiveness and becomes a tasty and pleasant vegetable, especially for seasoning excellent pasta. In addition, […]

Lamb biryani
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Lamb biryani, single dish

Lamb biryani is a dish of Indian cuisine. It is a meat dish accompanied by basmati rice flavoured with cumin seeds, curry, ginger, chillies, black mustard seeds. Basmati has a long and thin grain, it is grown mainly in India and Pakistan; it has the characteristic of absorbing a lot of water during cooking, a […]