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Dog Diet: Croquettes and Food Industry

1. Dog Diet- Feeding the Adult Dog In adulthood, as well as in the weaning phase, the right diet of the dog cannot be separated from the correct evaluation of his state of health and lifestyle. In fact, subjects who live mainly in a temperate climate, confined within the home, […]

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Feeding the dog and the puppy

1. Premise Nutrition and movement are fundamental elements for the health of any dog. Not too different from the human one, the ideal diet for dogs is substantially omnivorous, as shown by studies on the dietary needs and dietary habits of today’s canids living in the wild. To avoid getting […]

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Homemade dog food

Introduction Homemade dog food, Under the term “domestic or housewife, the dog” falls a heterogeneous set of nutritional modalities ranging from the exclusive use of table scraps, up to the use of finely elaborated rations to satisfy the dog’s nutritional needs. As it is classically conceived, the home ration is […]