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Margherita cake
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Margherita cake. Easy recipe. In this recipe, we will see together with my version of the Margherita Cake, a classic dessert among the best known and loved. An ancient cake, which reminds me as certainly many of you of childhood and our grandmothers, who usually prepared it on holidays, perfuming the whole house with its […]

macadamia and coconut
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Macadamia and coconut truffes

Macadamia and coconut truffles, delicious pearls of goodness: truffles made with cream, white chocolate and ground macadamia nuts wrapped in a mantle of grated coconut. Divine! Ingredients Dessert For 30 pieces 100 g of macadamia nuts40 g of solid coconut oil1 dl of cream150 g of white chocolate, example Blanca, or white chocolate for covering2 […]

Citrus fruit salad
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Citrus fruit salad with ice cream stars

Citrus fruit salad, vanilla ice cream stars, chopped pistachios and a few mint leaves are enough to turn citrus fruit salad into a festive dessert. Ingredients Citrus fruit salad- Dessert For 4 people 2 oranges2 grapefruits2 tangerines250 g of vanilla ice creamcinnamon25 g of chopped pistachios4 sprigs of mint How to proceed Citrus fruit salad […]