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tapioca couscous
Quick & Easy

Sweet and Easy Tapioca Couscous Recipe

Looking for a recipe for sweet tapioca couscous that’s simple to prepare and ready to eat in 30 minutes? So don’t leave Special food and follow step by step this sweet and easy tapioca couscous recipe that will easily become one of your favourites. This frozen dessert is perfect for entertaining friends at home or […]

mush cake
Quick & Easy

Baked mush cake recipe

If you think corn cake can’t be missing at the June party, learn with Special food how to make this deliciously baked mush cake very simple and fast! All the ingredients are mixed in a blender, then it is left to bake in the oven and your corn muffin is ready and very tasty to […]

cornmeal cake
Gluteen free

Cornmeal cake with rice flour

With the cornmeal cake recipe, you will learn how to prepare a healthy gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free cake perfect for your diet! This is the kind of cake that you can eat without guilt because it is prepared only with ingredients that are easy to digest, have a low glycemic index and are beneficial to […]

Coconut Mousse
Quick & Easy

Green Coconut Mousse Recipe

Imagine a homemade coconut mousse, very smooth and creamy, washed down with a guava syrup that gives a perfect contrast of flavours! Did your mouth water? I teach you how to prepare step by step this green coconut mousse recipe that is perfect to share with your loved ones. Check out all the details below […]

fruit salad with condensed milk
Quick & Easy

Fruit Salad with Condensed Milk

Fruit salad is a perfect dessert suggestion for summer! In addition to being refreshing and light, the fruit salad is highly vitaminized and rich in water. There are many fruit salad recipes you can prepare and also a wide variety of fruits to use. Thinking about the sweetest, we teach you how to prepare fruit […]

custard apple mousse
Quick & Easy

Custard Apple Mousse

The custard apple mousse is one of those desserts that, despite not being very popular, after you taste it, you won’t forget and you’ll definitely want to repeat it! Continue here to learn how to prepare step by step in photos. Introducing the main ingredient of this refreshing mousse: do you know what the custard […]