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pumpkin focaccia

Pumpkin Focaccia

Soft pumpkin focaccia, an easy and perfect dough for a thousand occasions. This autumn focaccia is really good and with a slightly sweet flavour thanks to the pumpkin, it is perfect to accompany cheeses or vegetables. It is made with few ingredients and we can customize it with olives, diced […]

Mini flatbread

Mini flatbread in a pan without leavening and ready in 10 minutes! They are perfect when we don’t have bread at home and we don’t have time to go out and buy it, to make Mini flatbread in a pan we need very few ingredients, the fundamental one is ricotta, […]

Italian Focaccia Recipe-Potato Flatbread Italian Focaccia

The Italian Focaccia Recipe is a delicious savoury pie with a stringy filling of Formaggio and dried cherry tomatoes! This Italian Focaccia Recipe is prepared in no time and you can also consider it an empty fridge, in fact, you can stuff it with the vegetables or cheeses you have […]

Calzone Dough Recipe No Yeast

Today we see together how to prepare calzone dough recipe no yeast, ready to be brought to the table in 30 minutes on the clock, perfect for a family dinner. In fact, unlike the classic calzone dough that requires brewer’s yeast, this mixture with instant yeast is light and digestible […]