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fried kebab
Quick & Easy

Fast and easy fried kebab recipe

Check out the step by step for this delicious fried kebab recipe, an easy-to-make snack, perfect to serve at any party that brings friends and family together! Everyone will like this quick and easy fried kebab recipe because it’s very tasty and perfect to eat simply like this or with a little garlic sauce. 4 […]

apple radish salad
Quick & Easy

Apple radish salad with smoked trout

A fresh and light combination that combines the sweetness of apples with the spiciness of radishes and the smoky taste of trout fillets. An ideal dish as an appetizer or for brunch. Ingredients Small meal For 4 people 1 tablespoon of liquid honey4 tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar4 tablespoons of orange juicesaltpepper, eg. quartet of […]