strawberry liqueur

Strawberry liqueur

Strawberry liqueur, having strawberries available directly from your own garden makes you want to prepare something good in the kitchen: those at zero km are fruits so juicy and tasty that they give an edge to every recipe tried.

To enhance the flavor of the strawberry and keep all its scent today we offer you a very simple liqueur recipe. So let’s learn how to prepare the strawberry liqueur: a light, colorful and tasty spirit, perfect to end a meal with friends, for a delicious after dinner and, why not, to prepare desserts with

The preparation of strawberry liqueur is really elementary: you just need a little patience and use strictly organic ripe strawberries, even better if grown on your own.

Preparation time: 30 minutes (+ rest time)
Dish: liqueur recipe
Seasonality: summer recipe

Ingredients for strawberry liqueur

250 g of fresh strawberries
250 ml of food alcohol at 95 °
150 g of sugar
280 ml of water

Strawberry liqueur should not be confused with fragolino, which is instead a sparkling and very sweet wine. The fragolino, intended as wine, is obtained from American grapes (also called strawberry grapes) and has no connection with the liqueur made with the actual strawberry fruit, the recipe of which we propose here.

How to make strawberry liqueur

To make the strawberry liqueur, wash the strawberries and dry them, dabbing them gently so as not to damage them. Cut them into pieces with a knife and place them in a glass jar.

Cover with alcohol, close the jar tightly, and let it rest in the pantry, in the dark, for at least 7/10 days, shaking the jar every day.

After the resting time, prepare the water and sugar syrup: Bring the water and sugar to a boil in a saucepan, mixing to mix the two ingredients. When it comes to a boil, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Pour the alcohol into a glass bottle, filtering the strawberries with a colander and gauze. Add the cold water and sugar syrup, shake and let it rest for a few more days.

Our strawberry liqueur is now ready to taste. It is a very sweet spirit.

Variants to the classic strawberry liqueur

The liqueurs in general lend themselves to different variations, we propose some relating to the strawberry liqueur. Creativity will then allow you to reinvent the recipe in other ways that are always original.

  • Strawberry and vanilla liqueur: add some seeds extracted from a vanilla pod along with the strawberries.
  • Red fruit liqueur: combine, in addition to strawberries, also other red fruits for a liqueur with a more intense flavor

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