Solanaceae plants

Solanaceae plants

Solanaceae plants, Solanaceae are a large family of plants to which more than 1400 species belong, very different from each other. In the garden, we find some plants of this family, such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines. All these plants were imported from America, apart from the aubergines which are of Asian origin, but have found widespread use in Europe and are now among the most cultivated vegetables in Italy.

Among the Solanaceae, we find some of the most popular garden plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, and aubergines, including peppers and hot peppers. These are plants that are quite demanding as a fertilizer and require good sun exposure.

Solanaceous plants are all fruit, apart from the potato which is a tuber vegetable. For those looking for something different to put in their garden, the advice is to read our guide to the cultivation of Physalis Alkekengi (alchechengi), a tropical fruit that can also be grown in Italian gardens, always belonging to the Solanaceae family, or experiment with the tomatillo.

The organic cultivation of solanaceae plants:

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