Semolina pudding with pineapple

Semolina pudding with pineapple and grape salad

Semolina pudding with pineapple, this vanilla pudding served in jars and accompanied with a pineapple and grapefruit salad is a mouth-watering dessert.


Semolina pudding with pineapple- Dessert For 4 people

8 l of milk
½ lemon
2 pinches of salt
1 vanilla pod
80 g of semolina
cal. 2 tablespoons of sugar
0.5 l of cream
200 g of grapes, for example, white and red
100 g of pineapple, weighed and peeled
½ orange
2 sprigs of mint

How to proceed semolina pudding with pineapple

ca. 20 minutes
Cooling down:
ca. 2 hours
Total time:
2 h 20 min

Pour the milk into a saucepan, grate the lemon peel and add the salt. Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise, remove the seeds by scraping them and add them to the milk with the pod. Bring the milk to a boil. Pour in the semolina in one go and simmer over low heat for approx. 10 minutes, stirring from time to time until a thick mass is obtained. Remove the vanilla pod and remove the pot from the heat. Sweeten the semolina with sugar. Incorporate the cream. Rinse the jars with cold water, then fill them with semolina and level it. Leave to cool in the fridge for approx. 2 hours.

Halve the grapes according to their size or leave them whole. Cut the pineapple into cubes. Squeeze the orange and add the juice to the fruit. Spread the fruit on the semolina and garnish with mint.

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