salad with quail eggs

Salad with quail eggs and hemp mayonnaise

Salad with quail eggs and hemp mayonnaise. Yes, these eggs can be used in the kitchen as much as chicken eggs: soft-boiled, hard-boiled, with a bull’s eye, for desserts or original noodles.

I had never consumed them but I discovered instead that they are also indicated for the prevention and treatment of some types of allergies and intolerances.

I find them commercially packaged in trays usually containing 16 eggs and do not have an exaggerated cost.

They only have one flaw: they are quite difficult to peel and break because they have a very hard internal membrane.

When I harden them, to peel them, I break the sides and then I roll them in my hands to crumble the egg shell.

Usually then I just need to take a piece of shell with the membrane and spiral-peel the egg peel.

As many friends know, I am experimenting with hemp at this time: from seeds to flour and to the fantastic hemp oil that I am taking every morning and I think that once you discover this new food, they will also become inevitable ingredients for you in the kitchen!

The uses of hemp are really many: we switch from fabrics for our clothes to a very resistant paper and my mother-in-law tells me that in the past it was also used as a medicine but in reality in Europe there are not many signs of its consumption in traditional cooking but to the limit as an aperitif or euphoric.

It has been shown by several studies that hemp seeds contain the proteins necessary for good health: they are rich in vitamins and fiber and have a very high nutritional value.

I purchased seeds, flours, oil and much more …………… .. and among the first experiments here is a hemp mayonnaise


Ingredients For 6 PeopleSalad with quail eggs
12 fresh quail eggs;
2 tufts of white celery;
3 medium-sized fennel hearts;
150 g diced cooked ham.

for hemp mayonnaise-Salad with quail eggs
1 glass of corn oil
1/2 glass of hemp milk
1/2 glass of natural soy milk
a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
a pinch of salt

for the Indian sauce:
1 cup of hemp mayonnaise;
1 tablespoon of curry powder; (pay attention to the label!)
1/2 onion;
1/4 lemon juice;
a few drops of tabasco sauce;

Preparation of Salad with quail eggs

Preparation of hemp mayonnaise: place all the ingredients in the glass of the immersion blender and emulsify for a few moments until the cream of the desired consistency is obtained.

Formation of the sauce: put the mayonnaise, the curry powder, the finely chopped onion, the lemon juice, a few drops of Tabasco and a pinch of salt in a bowl. Then stir thoroughly with a wooden spoon until a complete amalgam is obtained.

Then remove the celery from the hardest ribs and leaves, keeping only the smallest and tenderest ones, wash and dry it; clean, wash and dry the fennel hearts. Cut both into thin fillets.

Cook the eggs for 5 minutes, leave them to cool and then compose your salad and season with your sauce.

Time needed for Salad with quail eggs: about 30 minutes

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