Buffet Mini Pizza

Buffet Mini Pizza

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Red buffet mini pizza, very easy and ready in 10 minutes, buffet mini pizza is the fundamental dish of all parties, buffets and aperitifs. Making them at home is very simple and in order not to waste time we can use the rectangular sheet and make them square, they are even faster because we will not need the round shape and the puff pastry will not advance. Everybody always likes buffet mini pizza, adults and children, in all parties, they are always the first to finish so when we make them we abound with quantities!

a rectangular puff pastry roll
salt enough
oregano just enough
tomato sauce just enough
olive oil as required

Preparation Buffet Mini Pizza

Making buffet pizza is really easy: we take a rectangular puff pastry roll and with a pizza wheel we cut the puff pastry into many squares. We can decide to make them more or less large.
Then we season the tomato sauce with oil, salt and oregano. We prick the centre of each square with the prongs of a fork, in this way they will not swell when cooked.
We add a teaspoon of tomato sauce on each pizza. Cook them at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes in a fan oven or at 190 degrees in a static oven. When they are golden brown they are ready! We can also prepare them in the morning for the evening.

Buffet Mini Pizza
Buffet Mini Pizza

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