recipes with zucchini

Recipes with zucchini: ideas and tips

Recipes with zucchini, Of all the vegetables from the garden, courgettes are a favorite in the kitchen and are suitable for many applications and recipes. You can make zucchini-based side dishes, but also use them as a condiment for pasta or invent substantial dishes such as savory pies or the legendary stuffed zucchini.

We can cook this vegetable in various ways: zucchini is always good, boiled in water or steamed, sautéed, fried in batter, baked or grilled on the plate. Less used but equally tasty, zucchini can also be eaten raw, inserted in surprising summer salads.

Zucchini is a very healthy vegetable, with large water content and a fair amount of vitamins. They contain various useful microelements and a good dose of potassium.

Recipes with zucchini

The courgette plant. it is very productive, so in a good season, those who cultivate them in the garden could have an abundant harvest, with surpluses. In these cases, it becomes important to learn how to cook vegetables in different forms, in order to often bring zucchini to the table without falling into monotony and still have a varied diet, albeit based on this cucurbit. In this regard, we offer you here a series of useful recipes to enhance this vegetable in different ways.

Some classic combinations

The taste of courgette is not particularly marked and lends itself to various preparations, you can find many of them among the recipes of Special-Food. However, there are some super tried and tested combinations that are worth testing.

Recipes with zucchini

As aromatic herbs, courgette is special with mint, but it also goes very well with the “usual” parsley. For a more ethnic flavor, we choose instead ginger, turmeric, or mixed spices such as curry and masala.

As a side dish, zucchini in traditional recipes is often combined with chicken and pork, cold cuts, or fish (especially shrimp).

If we want to make a more varied side dish, we can combine it with potatoes, aubergines or peppers, in nice sautéed summer vegetables.

Always among the great classic vegetable seasonings, we cannot fail to mention garlic and onion. Finally, courgette is perfect in combination with egg, for omelets or stuffed with savory pie, where the contribution of cheese is excellent, try using smoked scamorza.

Clean and cut the courgettes

Regardless of how we decide to cook the zucchini, it will be necessary to clean the vegetable first: the fruit is consumed practically all, without having to remove the peel, an excellent source of fiber. For this, it is sufficient to wash the zucchini in running water, cut away and discard the attachment of the stalk and the apex (thus depriving the vegetable of its two ends).

At this point, we can decide to cook the whole zucchini, for example, if we boil it, or cut it according to the recipe.

But how to cut the zucchini? The answer depends on the use we wish to make of it since there are many ways to cook zucchini. For example, we will have to make it into chunks or washers to sauté it in a pan or slice it into thin strips if you want to grill it. The mandolin is a very useful tool for quickly making very thin slices both long and circular in shape, the sticks are instead typical of the “Julienne” cut, used in many recipes, there are different graters and tools to do it in a more subtle and simple. For the famous stuffed courgettes, on the other hand, the vegetable is halved and dug in the center.

When a courgette is harvested late and has developed a lot of seeds, it may be worthwhile to eliminate the central part, throwing away the seeds, but in most cases, they are eaten without a problem.

Recipes with zucchini

How to cook zucchini

You can choose how to cook the zucchini based on what you want to propose: if you want something substantial it is good to make the zucchini with meat or eggs (for which stuffed zucchini, quiches, omelets with zucchini). For a summer lunch, you can make grilled courgettes or even a salad with thinly sliced ​​raw courgettes. The most frequent use of courgette, as with many vegetables, is of course as a side dish.

As for cooking methods, fried food is for the sweet tooth, who will also be satisfied by the baked zucchini au gratin. In the pan we have the possibility of skipping the courgette in the oil, also combining other vegetables to vary the taste (onions, peppers, aubergines or other), while for a healthy and low-calorie meal we boil them in boiling water or even better we make steamed courgettes. . The zucchini puree is not very tasty as a side dish but tasty with some combinations to make hot soups.

In addition to the fruit, the flowers are also eaten of the courgette, as well as the pumpkin, which is particularly tasty if made in the batter.

In short, the ways to cook zucchini are many, and this vegetable can also be eaten raw, all that remains is to unleash the culinary imagination and experiment with new recipes.

A menu based on zucchini

Zucchini is such a versatile vegetable that it can easily be the key ingredient of a themed menu.

The aperitif would be based on dried courgette chips and pickled courgettes.
As an appetizer, you can propose fried flowers in batter, or a few slices of quiche with courgettes and cheese, in summer well seasoned grilled courgettes.

Even on the first, we are on the safe side. Pasta with zucchini. is a great classic, perhaps combining shrimp, for a dinner in the cold season you can make a cream or a soup and if you want to be on the safe side you can prepare a nice risotto.
On the second, going on the classic, the obligatory choice is courgettes stuffed with ham or meat, but also a courgette parmigiana will give satisfaction to the chef, in a quick lunch we put courgette slices in the omelet.

As a side dish, there are obviously no problems: a choice between any of the cooking of the vegetable. The tastiest is to stir-fry them with a few other vegetables and seasonings.
For dessert, however, let’s forget the idea of ​​using the fruit: courgette is an excellent ingredient in cakes, but it is always quiches. However, we can make excellent sweet pancakes with courgette flowers.

The varieties of courgette and the recipes

Ideas for how to cook zucchini must also take into account what variety of vegetables we have available. The classic green courgettes with an elongated shape (Romanesco courgette, green ribbed courgettes, Genoese courgettes) can be prepared in various ways, cutting them both lengthwise and into slices.

Round courgettes are fantastic to be made stuffed (with meat, cheese, eggs, or ham).

The Trombetta d’Albenga courgettes, a climbing species with a sweeter taste, and the thorny courgette are often fried in batter.


Zucchini is a typical summer vegetable, its plant produces during the hot season, usually between June and September. Even if you can find it all year round at the supermarket, it is cheaper and more ecological to favor consumption when the vegetables are in season and maybe we can pick them in the garden. In this way, we will avoid buying zucchini grown in greenhouses or imported from foreign countries.

When thinking about how to cook zucchini it is good to take into account the season: in a hot moment, we choose summer recipes with zucchini.

Recipes and methods for preserving zucchini

Once harvested, courgettes do not keep as long as squash, potatoes, and onions. Generally, they are kept in a cool place or refrigerator where they last about ten days, as an alternative, we can freeze them cooked or raw, in any case, it is better to clean and slice them first. To learn more, you can read how to preserve zucchini.

There are also transformations that make it possible to preserve this vegetable for a long time: preservation in vinegar or in oil, for which you get tasty jars of ready-to-use zucchini, and drying, with which we can make tasty zucchini chips.

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