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guava ice cream

Homemade Guava Ice Cream Recipe

There always comes that time of year when we have guavas leftover and we don’t know what else to do with them. With that in mind, we show you how to make homemade guava ice cream, a refreshing and very tasty dessert to enjoy guavas in a different way than […]

Fruit Salad with Condensed Milk

Fruit salad is a perfect dessert suggestion for summer! In addition to being refreshing and light, the fruit salad is highly vitaminized and rich in water. There are many fruit salad recipes you can prepare and also a wide variety of fruits to use. Thinking about the sweetest, we teach […]

Custard Apple Mousse

The custard apple mousse is one of those desserts that, despite not being very popular, after you taste it, you won’t forget and you’ll definitely want to repeat it! Continue here to learn how to prepare step by step in photos. Introducing the main ingredient of this refreshing mousse: do […]

Coconut Custard with Plum Sauce Recipe

Coconut custard, think of a dessert for Sunday lunch with the family, a practical candy to prepare and that pleases everyone. Our suggestion is the classic white custard with plum! We show you how to make this delicious frozen dessert step by step. See how to make white custard with […]

Corn cake recipe with cheese and coconut

Corn cake recipe quick and easy to make. Corn is always present on the menu at June festivals! It is used to prepare different dishes, as it is a tasty and very versatile food! Also, it’s time for corn harvesting, so it’s easier to find this rich food at fairs […]

Guava syrup recipe for cake

Guava syrup recipe, sometimes we bake a cake, we want to prepare a cake sauce to serve together, but the usual chocolate sauce doesn’t seem to match. In these cases, guava is an excellent alternative! Prepared simply, quickly and with few ingredients, this guava syrup cake recipe is the perfect […]

Bresaola rolls: the recipe for the simple and light dish

Bresaola rolls are a fresh and tasty summer appetizer, very easy to make and without having to turn on the oven or fires. Just prepare a delicious cream based on fresh cheese, spread it on the slices of bresaola and then wrap them until you get tasty and fragrant rolls, […]

Baked carbonara: the revisited recipe by chef Marco Cavalli

Baked carbonara is a rich and tasty first course, inspired by the recipe signed by the starred chef Marco Cavalli. The basic ingredients are the same as the symbolic dish of Roman cuisine, to which the stracchino is added which will give the dish a creamy and super enveloping consistency, […]