mini flatbread

Mini flatbread

Mini flatbread in a pan without leavening and ready in 10 minutes! They are perfect when we don’t have bread at home and we don’t have time to go out and buy it, to make Mini flatbread in a pan we need very few ingredients, the fundamental one is ricotta, in fact, we will get tasty and very soft scones. We can stuff them both sweet with our favourite creams and savoury with cheeses and vegetables!

To make them I used the Pizza Veloce instant yeast, but the classic instant yeast is also fine, about 8g is enough! Pan-fried scones are perfect as an appetizer, to accompany lunches and dinners instead of bread or even stuffed for an aperitif at home! Let’s immediately see together how to make them.

400 g of flour
250 g of fresh ricotta
100 ml of milk (we can add a little more if the dough needs it)
a pinch of salt
8 gram of instant yeast fast pizza or 8g of instant yeast for pizza chef savory pies
a tablespoon of olive oil
a teaspoon of sugar


Preparation of Mini flatbread

First, in a bowl, we work the ricotta with a fork.

In another bowl we combine the flour with the instant yeast fast pizza, 8 gram of instant yeast for savory pies and a tablespoon of sugar are also fine. We mix the powders well.

At this point we combine the ricotta flour and a pinch of salt. Let’s start mixing.

We also add olive oil and milk, if necessary we can add a little more milk. We work our dough well until it forms a dough.

Once you have formed our firm and non-sticky dough, spread it on a pastry board with a little flour.

make many scones with the help of a pastry cutter or a glass. We can make them more or less large.

let’s heat a non-stick pan with a drizzle of olive oil and cook our muffins. They will have to brown well on both sides. With a scoop during cooking let’s squeeze them a little.

Our scones are ready, we can stuff them both sweet and savory.

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