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Orange Poke Cake
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Orange Poke Cake

Orange Poke Cake. Easy Family food recipe. “Poke cake” in English means “Hole cake”: this cake born in the United States many decades ago, in fact, has the characteristic of having a perforated surface, in which to penetrate the most varied fillings, from creams to melted chocolate, from caramel to jellies or syrups. The recipe […]

fried kebab
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Fast and easy fried kebab recipe

Check out the step by step for this delicious fried kebab recipe, an easy-to-make snack, perfect to serve at any party that brings friends and family together! Everyone will like this quick and easy fried kebab recipe because it’s very tasty and perfect to eat simply like this or with a little garlic sauce. 4 […]

zucchini cake recipe
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Zucchini cake recipe with speck: the recipe for a quick and super soft rustic style

The zucchini cake recipe with speck is a soft and delicious savoury rustic, which will surprise you with its great speed and ease of execution. A soft, batter-like dough is enriched with diced zucchini, sliced ​​speck and diced scamorza cheese, then baked in the oven until lightly browned, for a super stringy and irresistible final […]