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Pasta with peppers
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Pasta With Peppers Cruschi

Pasta with peppers cruschi is a typical first course of the Lucanian tradition: a very simple recipe prepared with a condiment based on oil, garlic, parsley, cruschi peppers (Sun-Dried Peppers) and crunchy breadcrumbs. Quick and tasty, this first course can be made with different long pasta shapes such as linguine, spaghetti or guitar spaghetti: in […]

Lasagna with zucchini
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Lasagna with zucchini and ham: the recipe for the simple and delicious first course

Lasagna with zucchini and ham is a creamy and tasty first course: a white lasagna to be prepared as an alternative to the classic lasagna bolognese or zucchini lasagna. In this recipe, we have made the filling with zucchini, cooked ham, béchamel and stringy mozzarella to obtain a creamy and irresistible lasagna to prepare for […]

Lasagna without bechamel
First course, Quick & Easy

Lasagna without bechamel: the recipe for the original and super creamy variant

Lasagna without bechamel is the light but equally tasty variant of the great classic of the Italian tradition. The egg pasta sheets, which you can make at home or buy ready-made, alternate with cream of pumpkin, mascarpone and diced mixed vegetables. In our version, we have chosen to use peppers, courgettes, snow peas, broccoli florets […]

Salmon and barley salad
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Salmon and barley salad: the recipe for the first summer dish to be enjoyed on the beach

The salmon and barley salad is an ideal first course for a fresh and tasty summer lunch, excellent to be consumed on the beach. A light and genuine dish made with pearl barley and fresh salmon, enriched with baby spinach, avocado and celery, which give the dish an appetizing and aromatic flavour, which will satisfy […]

pasta and cabbage
First course, Quick & Easy

Pasta and cabbage: the recipe for the first course of the Italian tradition

Pasta and cabbage is a tasty typical autumn first course, a poor and traditional recipe of Neapolitan cuisine and of southern Italy with an intense smell. In fact, cauliflower has a particularly strong scent, but once cooked it loses its aggressiveness and becomes a tasty and pleasant vegetable, especially for seasoning excellent pasta. In addition, […]

Bucatini with anchovies
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Bucatini with anchovies, pine nuts and raisins: the recipe for the poor and genuine first course

The bucatini with anchovies, pine nuts and raisins is that first dish conquers for simplicity and taste: really ready in just a few minutes, the bucatini go perfectly with the flavour of anchovies and the sweet and sour taste of raisins. A poor and genuine dish, excellent as a dinner saver or as a last-minute […]