Pomegranate liqueur

Pomegranate liqueur

Pomegranate liqueur, in the period of harvesting the pomegranate, we often ask ourselves how to consume all the fruits produced: it often happens, in fact, that the production is abundant. We can give pomegranates to friends and relatives, but not only: the fruits can be used in the kitchen for numerous preparations: in salads, as an accompaniment to white meats or fish, and for the preparation of excellent liqueurs.

The recipe of the pomegranate liqueur is so simple that it will become an annual custom to prepare a few bottles to enjoy its fresh and thirst-quenching flavor even in the period away from the ripening of the fruits. By using aesthetically particular bottles you will always have a nice gift-ready.

Preparation time: about 3 weeks for rest
Seasonality: winter recipes
Dish: liqueur

Ingredients for 500 ml:

250 ml of food alcohol at 96 °
150 g of pomegranate grains
225 ml of water
125 g of sugar

How to prepare the pomegranate liqueur

Homemade liqueurs are simple to prepare, the pomegranate one is no exception. They only require a little patience because it takes a few days to flavor the alcohol.

To begin, shell the pomegranate and collect the grains. Be careful not to keep the white inside of the fruit, as the bitter taste will spoil the taste of the liqueur.

Pour the beans into a large airtight jar, add the alcohol, and store in the dark for at least 10 days, shaking the jar from time to time.

After the time of the first infusion, pour the flavored alcohol into a bottle, filtering the beans. In the meantime, prepare a syrup with water and sugar by heating them over low heat in a non-stick pan and stirring well until it reaches a boil. Let the syrup cool and add it to the alcohol.

Shake the resulting preparation well and let it rest for another ten days or so, shaking the bottle from time to time, before consuming.

Variants to the liqueur recipe

Homemade liqueurs can be flavored with different ingredients, depending on your tastes and your imagination you can then vary the recipe in a more or less original way. Here are two suggestions of possible additions to vary the flavor of the pomegranate liqueur just proposed.

  • Lemon peels and cinnamon. Infuse, along with the pomegranate grains, some untreated lemon peels: they will give a fresher flavor.
  • Ginger. A piece of ginger together with pomegranate grains will give a spicy flavor to your liqueur.

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