Pear grappa

Pear grappa

Flavoring pear grappa is a very simple process, we have seen how to make apple grappa, with a similar process we can make a liqueur using pear, an excellent fruit for its sweetness.

Pears often find space in the kitchen, not only as a delicate end of a meal or in the preparation of desserts, but also in salads (see for example the salad with rocket and parmesan), for the most daring combinations, even in first courses or together with delicate meats. So why not use them also in alcohol?

Preparing grappa with pears is really simple: in this way, the fruits of our vegetable garden or our garden will give a fruity aroma to the grappa and if you have a pear plant you can take advantage of this idea. It might also be a good idea to prepare a few more bottles to give as gifts on special occasions!

Preparation time: 4-6 weeks of rest
Seasonality: autumn recipes
Dish: Liqueurs

Ingredients for 500 ml:

500 ml of white grappa
2 small organic pears

How to prepare pear grappa

First, wash and dry the pears very well. In this kind of homemade liqueur it is always good practice to use organic fruit, otherwise, wash it with baking soda or peel it. If the pears are large, cut them into pieces, remove the core and internal seeds, and put them to macerate with the white grappa in a tightly closed glass jar.

Let it sit for about 4-6 weeks, shaking the jar every now and then.

After the rest period, filter the contents into the final bottle, using a clean cloth or cotton gauze.

Variations on how to flavor

The delicate and soft taste of pear grappa also goes very well with other flavors, perhaps stronger or spicy.

  • Cinnamon. The addition of a cinnamon stick will help to give a more decisive flavor to the grappa.
  • Star anise. Combine star anise with pears for an even more particular taste.
  • Apples. An apple/pear grappa will be even more intriguing on your tables. The recipe procedure obviously remains the same.

Other grappa variations

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