Pancake Light

Pancake Light-Soft Fluffy Pancakes quick and easy

The quick and easy original recipe for Pancake Light made in the USA. Pancake Light is the famous American pancakes, they are generally served for breakfast but are often found all day. They are usually accompanied by maple syrup, jams, honey or fruit. for fun preparing Pancakes for breakfast, just a non-stick pan and a short time, you can also try to make them fly and turn them as they do in American films!


2 eggs
1 tablespoon of sugar,
2 teaspoons of vanilla yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 spoons of seed oil
250ml milk,
200g of flour
butter for the pan
maple syrup or blueberry jam for garnish

How to prepare Pancake Light

So in a bowl, we break the eggs, we begin to whisk, add the salt, oil, milk, flour and finally the yeast. Then we will thus obtain a rather liquid batter.

Now put a non-stick pan on the fire, we melt a piece of butter spreading it on the whole surface. We pour a generous spoonful of dough, and when it starts to solidify on the edges we can turn it and remove it from the heat after a few seconds. Here is our first pancake!

After one or two pancakes remember to grease the pan with a small piece of butter, very little is needed. If they tend to burn, look for the right flame setting.

We go on like this for the whole dough, we will get about 6-8 pancakes. We arrange them on a plate and add maple syrup or blueberry jam and the American breakfast is served!

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