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how to check oil temperature

How to check oil temperature without a cooking thermometer- three methods to check the oil temperature

How to check oil temperature? Those who love fried food will surely know how important kitchen thermometers are to obtain good frying: whether it is chips, chicken wings, or doughnuts, avoiding going beyond the smoke point is also essential for the health of those who eat. But what if you don’t have a cooking thermometer? […]

differences between durum wheat and soft wheat

The differences between durum wheat and soft wheat: cultivation, use in the kitchen and properties

Similar in structure but profoundly different in shape, nutritional values, uses in cooking and cultivation: how many of you really know the differences between durum wheat and soft wheat? From the first we obtain the white flour, from the second the semolina: yet the differences do not end there, let’s see why. Structurally similar but […]

Pasta with peppers
Quick & Easy

Pasta With Peppers Cruschi

Pasta with peppers cruschi is a typical first course of the Lucanian tradition: a very simple recipe prepared with a condiment based on oil, garlic, parsley, cruschi peppers (Sun-Dried Peppers) and crunchy breadcrumbs. Quick and tasty, this first course can be made with different long pasta shapes such as linguine, spaghetti or guitar spaghetti: in […]