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orange and chocolate cheesecake
Quick & Easy

Orange and chocolate cheesecake: the recipe for a delicious and fragrant dessert without cooking

The orange and chocolate cheesecake is a cake with a delicate and citrus flavour, a greedy, no-bake variant of the classic New York cheesecake. The base will be made with chocolate biscuits, while the cream of the filling will be prepared with cream cheese, powdered sugar, yoghurt, cream, jelly and orange juice. Once ready, the […]

macadamia and coconut
Quick & Easy

Macadamia and coconut truffes

Macadamia and coconut truffles, delicious pearls of goodness: truffles made with cream, white chocolate and ground macadamia nuts wrapped in a mantle of grated coconut. Divine! Ingredients Dessert For 30 pieces 100 g of macadamia nuts40 g of solid coconut oil1 dl of cream150 g of white chocolate, example Blanca, or white chocolate for covering2 […]

African horned melon

Kiwano or African horned melon: the strange tropical fruit that tastes like cucumber and banana

African horned melon, Its flavour is delicate and the taste is reminiscent of a mix between banana and cucumber: it is kiwano, a colourful tropical fruit also known as African horned melon or African horned cucumber. Increasingly present also in western markets, kiwano has many useful beneficial properties and can be used in cooking raw […]