Noodles with chicken and vegetables

Noodles with chicken and vegetables

The noodles with chicken and vegetables are quick and simple to prepare: a tasty and complete recipe, ideal for those who love oriental cuisine. Noodles, also known as Chinese noodles, are made with a mixture of flour, water and eggs, and are cut directly from the pastry sheet.

In this recipe, they will be enriched with chicken breast, spring onion, carrots, cabbage and ginger, but you can also use other vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms or whatever you prefer. For the good result of the dish, the vegetables must cook for a short time, so as to maintain their consistency. Once ready, you can serve the noodles with chicken and vegetables as a main course, for a complete and tasty meal.


NOODLES 300 gr • 138 kcal
CHICKEN BREAST 300 gr • 750 kcal
CARROTS 250 gr • 21 kcal
VEGETABLE BROTH as needed • 43 kcal
SOY SAUCE as needed • 750 kcal
SEED OIL as needed • 690 kcal
SALT UP to taste • 21 kcal
The calories refer to 100 grams of the product

How to make chicken and vegetable noodles

Prepare the vegetable broth and set it aside (1). Cut the spring onion into rings, peel the carrot and cut it into thin strips (2). Wash the cabbage and cut it into strips. Also cut the chicken breast (3) into thin strips and keep everything aside. Heat a ladle of broth with the soy sauce and a little seed oil in the wok. Then add the spring onion, and then the carrots and cabbage. Cook for about ten minutes, adding more broth if necessary: ​​the vegetables should remain crisp. Then add the chicken and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, put the noodles in hot water (4) for a few minutes, drain and add them to the wok with the rest of the ingredients. Skip them with the vegetables and chicken, adding a few more ladles of vegetable broth, and continue cooking over high heat (5). Complete with the addition of a pinch of salt and fresh grated ginger. Your noodles with chicken and vegetables are ready to be brought to the table (6).


You can also garnish chicken and vegetable noodles with a handful of sesame seeds.

If you don’t have a wok available, you can use a large, deep pan.

Keep the noodles in hot water for a few minutes, just long enough to revive them.

For the preparation of this recipe, do not overdo the salt in the vegetables: the combination with soy sauce could give excessive flavor to the dish.

Chicken breast can be substituted for beef or pork slices. You can then replace the vegetables with the seasonal ones you prefer or have available: always cut them into thin slices.


You can keep the chicken and vegetable noodles soup in the fridge for 1 day, in an airtight container.

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