Mushroom Omelette Recipe

Mushroom Omelette Recipe with Ricotta-Baked Omelet

The Mushroom Omelette Recipe is a very easy dish to prepare, in fact, we just need to combine all the ingredients and it will be ready to be baked. It is perfect both as an appetizer cut into cubes and as a second course accompanied by a nice mixed salad. We can also prepare it in advance and then serve it cold or heat it for a few minutes in the oven! I am sure you will amaze your guests, we can also vary the filling and use peas, carrots or other seasonal vegetables. Let’s see now how to make Mushroom Omelette Recipe!

Amount per serving-Mushroom Omelette Recipe 

4 eggs
250 g of cottage cheese
3 spoons of parmesan
a pinch of salt
spice mix to taste
200 g of cooked champignon mushrooms
half a glass of milk about 150ml

Preparation of Mushroom Omelette Recipe with Ricotta

First, in a bowl, we start by breaking the eggs and start whipping them with a fork for a few minutes.

We also combine ricotta and grated cheese.

Then we go up and add some spices to taste, I used oregano, garlic and chives. We mix well and also add milk.

At this point, add the mushrooms previously cooked in a pan. We mix well.

Pour the omelette into an ovenproof dish or baking tray and cook it in a fan oven at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes or in a static oven at 190 degrees for the same time.

Once cooked we can eat it lukewarm or even cold!

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