Moroccan coffee

Strong Moroccan coffee with cinnamon and coriander the alternative digestive

Moroccan coffee with cinnamon and coriander is a concentrate of goodness, which sees the happy marriage of spices known and appreciated since the dawn of time and coffee. From this partnership comes this fragrant dark drink, especially appreciated by those who have always been irreducible of coffee, and are inclined and very predisposed to discover different and original versions and combinations.

The history of coffee takes us back in time, even millennia, but today more than yesterday we have learned to use it in a thousand different ways, in a thousand different recipes, with the aim of making the most of its unique aroma in the world. Among the alternative drinks to the one we are going to deal with today, there is another equally rich in flavour, aromatic, which comes from the union of only three ingredients: coffee, bitter cocoa, sugar and whipped cream: barbajada.

Chicory coffee: the alternative to coffee to be discovered

It is necessary to dwell on the properties of coriander, to which the same medicine attributes carminative, digestive and antispasmodic properties. That’s why Moroccan coffee with cinnamon and coriander is not only a boost of energy but also can aid in the digestive process, not always easy, at least not for everyone. These characteristics are attributable to the essential oil extracted from the plant which is intended to stimulate the production of gastric juices and therefore used for the treatment of dyspeptic disorders.

However, those who can not for the most varied reasons, generally due to some prohibitive health conditions, or do not want to consume coffee, can certainly opt for chicory coffee, the healthier alternative to coffee, which has nothing to envy to traditional coffee, at least as regards its invigorating power. A drink with ancient origins that date back to the 1600s. Since then, chicory coffee was immediately palatable.

Some good reasons to consume Moroccan coffee with cinnamon and coriander

It is not surprising that many, in tasting this drink, remain faithful to it forever: the spices of health are once again confirmed as truly valuable allies, not only in the kitchen, to flavour dishes of all kinds, but also in the preparation of drinks with a taste intense and decisive, characteristics which are much appreciated by coffee lovers.

No one could ever give up Moroccan coffee with cinnamon and coriander. The properties of cinnamon combine to make it a first and foremost healthy drink, with great nutritional value, a drink, therefore, appreciated not only for its strong, decisive and spicy aroma but also for its thousand organoleptic virtues.

Prepare a coffee mocha, pour the coffee into each cup then add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a ground coriander seed, sweeten to taste and you will feel the aroma of this Moroccan coffee

Some variants include a ground pepper instead of coriander!

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