melon milkshake

melon milkshake With Noni, Melon, And Mint

An illustrious unknown: Coco Milkshake With Noni, Melon, And Mint
Although in Japan it is still little known, in other parts of the world and especially in the East, noni is a well-known fruit and highly appreciated for its medicinal properties. Sometimes called “Indian mulberry”, noni, especially in powder form, can be used to enrich drinks and smoothies with their exceptional nutritional properties. From this feature and the great heat, the inspiration for this noni, coco milkshake with melon, and mint smoothie are born.

When summer gets hotter and the heat seems to take our energy away, the right drink can really turn the day around. With this ingredient, our smoothie becomes a powerful analgesic, pain reliever, antidepressant, antioxidant, also capable of stimulating our immune system. Not bad for one fruit, is it?

coco milkshake with noni, melon, and mint smoothie: an explosion of exotic perfumes

Think of the typical summer scents … a nice fresh melon, to be enjoyed under a palm tree, with coconut oil on the skin, while our better half sips a mint mojito. All these suggestions come together in our milkshake and it is as if this image took shape in the glass. Will the heat make us bad jokes? When summer gets tough and we have to recover our energy, nothing is better than a nourishing smoothie made of noni, coco milkshake with melon, and mint.

The combination is a winner and each ingredient contributes with its aroma to a fresh and thirst-quenching drink. With this smoothie, we make everyone happy because it is really good, sweet and particular. A panacea to be enjoyed as a snack, mid-afternoon or mid-morning.

The must of our summer

There are few safe remedies against the heat: turn on the air conditioner, drink lots of water and go to the beach as much as possible. To this magical triad, we add fruit smoothies. Thirst quenching, nutritious, fresh as ice cream, and good. We can prepare many different ones depending on what we have available at home and each combination shows its character. A few seconds, Then two minutes in the blender … and voila! The game is done.

Especially when it’s hot but we have to keep working and concentrating, enjoying a good fruit smoothie allows us to take a wellness break and recharge the batteries. Mind and body undergo a pleasant reset by sipping the right drink at the right time. Try our noni, coco milkshake with melon, and mint smoothie and you will have a wellness elixir in your hands.

And here is the recipe for noni, coco milkshake with melon, and mint smoothie:
Ingredients for 4 people:

½ melon
½ liter
of coconut drink
2 teaspoons of noni
5 fresh mint leaves for the drink and 4 for garnish
just enough ice

Preparation of melon milkshake

Cut the melon in half, remove the seeds and peel and cut it into pieces. A part of the melon can be used to carve decoration balls.

In a blender glass, add the coconut milk, melon, noni, broken mint, and 4-5 ice cubes. Then blend everything finely and pour into a tall glass, garnishing with mint leaves and melon balls.

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