macadamia and coconut

Macadamia and coconut truffes

Macadamia and coconut truffles, delicious pearls of goodness: truffles made with cream, white chocolate and ground macadamia nuts wrapped in a mantle of grated coconut. Divine!


Dessert For 30 pieces

100 g of macadamia nuts
40 g of solid coconut oil
1 dl of cream
150 g of white chocolate, example Blanca, or white chocolate for covering
2 tablespoons of grappa, to taste
100 g of grated coconut

How to proceed Macadamia and coconut truffles

ca. 40 minutes
at least 5 hours
Total time:
6 h 10 min

Grind the walnuts in the food processor for approx. 5 minutes until you get a paste (nut butter), taking care to remove the mass several times from the edge of the food processor with a spatula. Add the coconut oil and continue grinding briefly. Heat the cream. Finely chop the chocolate in a metal bowl. Add the cream and let it rest briefly. Mix the mass well. Carefully mix in the coconut and nut butter and grappa. Refrigerate the covered mass overnight or for at least 5 hours, until it solidifies and becomes well moldable.

With a teaspoon, take portions of mass as large as nuts and shape them into a sphere with your hands. After forming each sphere, rub your hands with kitchen paper, this will make it easier to shape the sticky mass. Refrigerate the truffles on baking paper for approx. 30 minutes. Pour the grated coconut into a flat container and pass the truffles, reshape them to obtain homogeneous spheres and place them back on the baking paper. Keep them in the fridge until ready to serve.

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