low-calorie pancakes

Soft Low-Calorie Pancakes

Gluten-free (low-calorie pancakes) zucchini pancakes combine the pleasure of the palate with healthy food and the simplicity of execution.

Zucchini fritters without glutin are among the quick (low-calorie pancakes), natural and nutritious recipes and are always the best. All with very low costs.

Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: 4 min
Ready in Ready in 19 min


6 eggs
600 grams zucchini
200 grams chickpea flour
oil, salt, and spices

1. Preparation of low-calorie pancakes

Grate washed but unpeeled zucchini to leave that green touch that is good for the eye (low-calorie pancakes). A practical tip is to choose the thickness of the vegetable. If you like to feel its flavour more, it is useful to obtain thicker strips without exaggerating, so as not to run the risk that they do not cook enough.

Wash the 6 eggs, April and pour them into a large container, so that you can mix them easily with all the other ingredients. One of Grandma’s tips is to beat her just long enough to even out the colour. In this way, the pancake will be much softer than when you make a lot of air for the eggs.

At this point, you have to add salt and spices to the mixture. I chose white pepper, ginger, sweet paprika and granulated garlic because it is a combination of flavours that works very well. But you can vary the choice according to your tastes or those of your guests.

Mix well and add the previously grated zucchini. Have the mixture completely wrap the zucchini and then pour the chickpea flour into the bowl. Continue to work on the amalgam until you obtain a consistent batter in order to obtain compact pancakes. You can add more salt according to your preferences, or wait for the end of the cooking to spread some if necessary.

2. Preparation

Take a non-stick pan and put it on a medium-high intensity fire. Pour a few drops of oil and spread it over the entire base with a silicone brush. This will help you cook a healthier product and above all prevent the intense taste of the oil from covering the flavor of the pancake.

The pan must be well heated in order to quickly create that light crust on the surface which will leave the heart of the pancake softer and tastier. You must also prevent the pan from getting too hot to avoid creating the bitter taste of the scorched.

Pour the creamy mixture so that it forms a circle. With a tool he works so as to take care of the appearance of the pancake. A practical tip is to use small pans, so that the mixture naturally finds space for its round shape. Let the pancake cook for about 2 minutes on each side. You have to pay close attention to the cooking time because it varies according to the pan and the strength of the flame.

With the doses provided you can get 15 medium-large or 30 small low-calorie pancakes.

Last tip: once you have finished cooking the low-calorie pancakes it would be advisable for you to place it on a plate covered with paper towels. This allows you to eliminate oil residues that could give that annoying sense of greasy on the palate. In addition, the flavour of the oil is intense and therefore would at least partially cover the taste of the pancake so rich in tasty and fresh ingredients at the same time, which represents the winning mix of these tasty and protein recipes.

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