limoncello cream

Limoncello cream

Limoncello cream, limoncello is perhaps the most famous liqueur to be served at the end of a meal: light and fragrant, served chilled, it is the worthy conclusion of a nice summer table.

And preparing it is not that difficult: as always, you need to have excellent raw materials, organic lemons grown with love. The more fragrant they are, the better the quality of our liqueur, it is very important that they are not treated.

The limoncello cream is a well-known variant of the classic limoncello, which involves the addition of milk among the ingredients. It is typically Italian, Sicilian, or Campania liqueur. You can prepare it at home for personal use, but also as a gift for friends and family, who will surely be happy to receive a bottle of homemade liqueur.

Preparation time: 30 minutes + rest time
Dish: liqueur

Ingredients for 4 people:

500 g of untreated lemons
500 ml of alcohol at 95 °
450 g of sugar
800 ml of milk

Choosing the right lemons

If you buy lemons at the supermarket, be careful to avoid those with inedible peel, unsuitable for the preparation of this liqueur. Unfortunately, citrus fruits are often treated with particularly aggressive pesticides, even after harvest, so much so that they are legally obliged to report it to the buyer. These treatments make the peel inedible, but we need the peel to make the liqueur.

Surely buying Italian lemons is another good practice, considering that very fragrant lemons are grown in the lands of limoncello cream, such as Sorrento or Sicily.

Obviously, the best would be to grow your own lemons to use for the liqueur.

How to prepare the limoncello cream

To prepare the creamy lemon liqueur, first obtain the zest from the lemons, using a potato peeler or a sharp knife: in this case, it is important to select only the yellow part of the peel, without reaching the white part, which is bitter.

Infuse the rinds with the alcohol in a glass jar for about 20 days, in the dark, shaking the jar every so often, which must have an airtight seal.

Once the maceration time of the peels has elapsed, you can prepare the sugar and milk syrup, which will make the limoncello cream: bring them to a boil in a saucepan, stir until the sugar has completely dissolved, turn off and let it cool.

Filter the lemon-flavored alcohol, pour it into glass bottles, add the milk and sugar syrup (also filtering it), shake the bottle to mix the two liquids, and place in the freezer to keep your limoncello cream very fresh.

Variants to the classic liqueur

The limoncello cream is a very simple recipe, typical of Sorrento. It can be flavored or it can also be made with cream.

Cream: For an even creamier version of the liqueur, replace the milk with fresh unsweetened cream.
Vanilla: add an engraved vanilla bean to the milk and sugar syrup for a sweet and spicy note to our limoncello.

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