lemon liqueur

Lemon liqueur with rosemary

Lemon liqueur, homemade liqueurs are a really simple way to use the fruits of the garden and allow you to play a lot with your imagination to create even very particular combinations.

Today we offer you a lemon liqueur with rosemary, very digestive and therefore perfect to offer after meals. If you love the classic limoncello, this liqueur will give you all the taste of lemon with that extra aroma given by fresh rosemary. Since the aromatic is also grown in pots, it is a plant within everyone’s reach, which can give a particular flavor to roasts but also to spirits, seeing is believing. It is important to cultivate the lemon organically so that the peel does not contain toxic products.

Preparation time: 10 minutes + 4 weeks of rest
Dish: liqueur
Seasonality: summer recipes, autumn recipes

Ingredients for 500 ml of lemon liqueur:

160 ml of alcohol at 96 °
340 ml of water
150 g of sugar
the zest of an organic lemon
3-4 branches of rosemary

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How to prepare limoncello with rosemary

Wash the lemon and rosemary thoroughly and dry them well. With a knife or a peeler, extract the lemon zest, taking care not to take the bitter white part. Put the rosemary zest and needles in a glass jar with alcohol and leave to infuse for 5-6 days, shaking it at least once a day.

After the time has elapsed, prepare the syrup by boiling the water and sugar until the sugar has dissolved and the syrup is transparent again. Let it cool completely then add the syrup to the previously filtered alcohol to remove the rinds and rosemary. Bottle the spirits obtained in this way and let it rest for about 20 days before consuming the limoncello with rosemary.

The use of aromatic herbs to make liqueurs opens up many possibilities, here we saw rosemary combined with lemon, but the excellent basil, bay leaf, and Mint liquor are also worth trying.

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Variations to the recipe of this liqueur

The lemon liqueur with rosemary is a variation of the usual limoncello and can be further customized to taste. Here are some suggestions.

  • Mint. Try replacing rosemary with 15 mint leaves for a liqueur with a fresh and intense taste.
  • Sage. If you are looking for a particular aroma, you can use a few sage leaves instead of rosemary needles.

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