Keto Cod Dinner

Keto Cod Dinner-Lemon Cod

Keto Cod Dinner-Lemon cod recipe quick and easy
Cooking time: 10 min
Ready in: 10 min
Amount per serving Calories 342


300 g cod fillets (frozen also fine)
2 lemons (if only one if it is very juicy)
1 clove of garlic
Salt and Pepper To Taste.
Olive oil to taste
Parsley to taste

Keto Cod Dinner-Lemon cod is an easy and tasty second course of fish, ideal for everyday lunch and dinner. The ingredients needed for this recipe are few and simple. Just fillets of cod (I used frozen ones) of lemons, parsley, and a clove of garlic, and in a few minutes we will bring a light dish to the table that will be enjoyed by the whole family. If you want to turn it into a single dish, just accompany the fish with vegetables and some bread and you’re done! With this recipe, you can cook any fish in a pan, such as sole, sea bream, sea bass, red mullet, in short, any fish goes well with lemon! Let me know if you will make this recipe again … who will taste the Keto Cod Dinner-lemon cod will be conquered!

Cod: Properties and Benefits

Rich in phosphorus and selenium
It has a good mineral content, including selenium and phosphorus. These two elements perform key functions for maintaining our health. Phosphorus is important for bone and tooth formation. At the same time, its presence is indispensable for some functions of the B vitamins.

Selenium intervenes in the formation of DNA and also plays a protective role against it. 100 grams of fish contains about 30% of the daily requirement of phosphorus and 50% of the daily requirement of selenium.

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Heart health of Keto Cod Dinner-Lemon Cod

According to studies, fish consumption is associated with the prevention of cardiovascular disease. These benefits are attributable to the presence of omega 3 fatty acids. However, it must be emphasized that omega 3s are present at lower levels than fatty fish such as salmon.

Cod is a high energy density food. This means that it contains a lot of beneficial nutrients in a few calories. In addition to having beneficial properties for heart health, this fish can also be helpful in losing weight.

There are several studies that show that cod liver oil, also taken as a supplement, is useful for lowering triglycerides. Likewise, studies suggest that this compound positively affects blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Other studies have found the effectiveness of cod liver oil in preventing arteriosclerosis and its complications.

Breast cancer-Keto Cod Dinner-Lemon cod

According to a Canadian study, high levels of vitamin D, also obtainable with cod liver oil, could help prevent breast cancer in women.

Diabetes-Keto Cod Dinner-Lemon cod

Thanks to the presence of essential fatty acids, liver oil can help control insulin resistance. The use of liver oil supplements during the baby’s first year of life and during pregnancy can help reduce the risk of diabetes.

A study in rats showed that taking cod liver oil supplements for 12 weeks served as a natural treatment for diabetes.

A good source of B vitamins

B vitamins play several important roles in our body. In particular, they are used to provide energy deriving from the metabolism of food. Cod is a good source of vitamin B.

100 grams of this fish provides almost 40% of the daily requirement of vitamin B12 for adults. In addition to supporting vital functions, vitamin B12 helps form red blood cells and DNA.

These fish also contain all the other B vitamins, vitamins that are essential in many other chemical processes in our body.

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