virtue chocolate


Today I will talk to you about chocolate, its virtue chocolate and the benefits it brings to our body and our mood. Over the years, the image of chocolate has been tarnished by a series of clichés and false beliefs. How many times have you heard: “chocolate causes pimples!”, Or “chocolate makes you fat!” or even “chocolate raises cholesterol!”. All these statements are wrong, it is enough to consume it in the right quantity and on the contrary, it brings many benefits. I’ll give you another good news when we hear around that chocolate improves mood … it really is! It has been scientifically proven that a square of chocolate a day makes you really happy!


virtue chocolate

Undoubtedly, dark chocolate belongs to the category of energetic foods, since 100 grams provide about 500 kcal. Things are no better with milk chocolate and the calories go up to 550 per 100 grams of the product. So making a short calculation, if we are on a very strict diet, an entire bar of chocolate provides the caloric needs of an entire day! Does this mean that you have to give up chocolate when you are on a diet? Absolutely not!

The important thing is to eat only one square. In fact, many dieticians today include dark chocolate even in the strictest diets … the important thing is not to overdo it! Then we think of those who play sports, children and teenagers, chocolate should never be missing in their diet. Beyond the caloric aspects, it is necessary to highlight the excellent supply of minerals (zinc, calcium and magnesium) and vitamins, with a special mention for niacin which provides phosphorus in a much higher quantity than that given (for example) by fish. As far as cholesterol is concerned, there is only good news, as dark chocolate is completely devoid of it, while milk chocolate provides only 16 – 18 milligrams per 100 grams of the product.


Many foods are often “accused” of causing acne and pimples on the skin, especially in younger people. Salami and chocolate share this very bad reputation. Of course, it is absolutely not true, no food is responsible for our skin imperfections (obviously excluding possible intolerances and allergies). In any case, our common sense always helps us. Moderate consumption of chocolate (and salami) has never hurt anyone!


Why do we feel happy after eating some chocolate? The secret lies in its “magical” molecules. If you are curious to know their names here they are theobromine, caffeine, theophylline and phenylethylamine. Above all, the latter is a substance that our body naturally produces in moments of great happiness and excitement. The mechanism is complex because the components of chocolate interact with other molecules, the neurotransmitters, causing the brain to feel pleasure.

Without forgetting that chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins which are also capable of promoting relaxation … in short, chocolate behaves a bit as if it were chamomile! So a moderate consumption of chocolate (I say it again) seems to be good for the body and the spirit. No wonder that chocolate begins to be widely used also in the field of cosmetics for scrubs, body oils and beauty creams. In the past, chocolate was “defined” as the food of the gods … given all its benefits, perhaps we should still call it that!

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