how to sow rocket

How to sow rocket and when

How to sow rocket, the rocket is a simple plant to grow and with a good production capacity, the vegetable that is harvested has a characteristic spicy and aromatic flavor that can give personality to different dishes, especially salads.

As a vegetable it is interesting because it can be cultivated for a good part of the year, having excellent resistance to cold like almost all plants of the cruciferous family. For this reason, from spring to autumn we can sow and grow this salad, with excellent harvests, especially if we use protection from the cold such as tunnels with transparent sheets or non-woven fabric covers. The sowing of the rocket is very simple to carry out and should be done directly in the field, let’s see some useful information on the period and methods.

There are several varieties of rockets, in particular, we can divide them into a cultivated rocket and wild rocket, the latter being spicier but also more rustic. The harvest takes place by cutting the leaves, but the beauty is that the rocket grows very quickly and therefore allows it to be harvested continuously and gradually.

When to sow rocket

How to sow rocket

The beauty of a rocket is that it can be sown most of the year: the plant has an optimal temperature between 15 and 20 degrees but lives up to 5 degrees. It has very small seeds: one gram also contains 500, which are born easily and can be kept for three or four years while maintaining a good germination capacity.

The ideal period for sowing begins in March and lasts until September, in temperate areas or with an unheated greenhouse you can easily extend the period by a month. Generally within a week of sowing the young seedlings are seen to emerge and after a month or a month and a half, you can start with the first harvest. If the rocket remains in the field during the summer months, however, care must be taken that it does not suffer too much heat or drought, which can cause it to go to seed prematurely, shading nets and irrigation interventions are important to avoid it.

Sowing and moon phase

There are two opposite points of view on the right moon phase to plant rocket, plus the vision of those who are skeptical and sow without paying attention to the lunar calendar. The growing phase is attributed to a positive influence on the foliar vegetative development and for this reason, it can be preferred, even if this sowing period would also favor the whipped seed, so you can also decide to put the rocket in waning to prevent it from going into flower.

If you want to follow the phases of the moon, you can find the lunar calendar for this year. I confess that I do not look at the moon to decide the sowing period but only the temperatures.

How rocket is sown

Being a vegetable with a short crop cycle and easy to germinate, I recommend not sowing rockets in seedbeds but opting for direct sowing in the ground. To do this, you can choose the broadcasting method or the one by file.

Broadcast sowing has the advantage of being quick, it is simply necessary to calculate the size of the flower bed so that it is convenient to harvest while standing in the walkway. To implement this method you must prepare the well-refined and leveled seedbed, throw the seeds with a broad gesture of the hand, so that they are distributed fairly evenly, and then bury them with a light rake, as long as they are covered with a veil. of land.

Sowing in rows is more convenient for the control of weeds and is carried out by tracing a shallow furrow, in which to deposit the seeds, and then always closing it with little soil: the rocket seed must be only half a centimeter from the surface. If you choose this method, you can respect the distances of 30 cm between the rows and 5/10 cm between the individual plants along the furrow.

Whichever method is chosen for sowing the work ends with a good watering of the plot, which helps the earth adhere to the seeds and creates the necessary humidity for the sprout to come out. The soil will then be kept moist even in the following days.

Soil preparation for rocket

Rocket is an undemanding plant in terms of soil and fertilizer, but as with any vegetable garden, good soil preparation is also important for this crop and allows for better results, preventing most problems.

The tillage begins with a deep digging, to be carried out with a spade or digging fork. The presence of organic matter favors the plant, which is why it may be worthwhile to add some mature compost or manure, which will be hoed at least a week before sowing.

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