how to get rid of ants from home

How to get rid of ants from home: natural tricks and remedies

How to get rid of ants from home, at certain times of the year, ants systematically invade our homes and the comings and goings of these cute insects can be very annoying: let’s see how to get rid of ants from home with natural tricks and remedies, without using insecticides that are harmful to us or the environment.

The ants are smart and funny insects that like to invade balconies, terraces and furniture pantry, causing an annoying bustle to which there seem no effective remedies.

However, remedies against ants do exist, and there are several, even natural ones: it is therefore not necessary to use poisons that are harmful to us, to plants, to our pets and to the environment in general (as well as obviously for the poor ants)

To fight the invasion of ants in a natural way, let’s arm ourselves with patience, follow the paths they like to take in our homes for a few days and then intervene with the natural remedies and practical advice that follows.

How to get rid of ants from home: natural remedies and tips

Tea tree oil

One of the most effective remedies to ward off ants is definitely tea tree oil. To obtain benefits with this product, simply distribute a few drops of essence in the area populated by ants. The essence will be effective for a few days, after which it is necessary to repeat the operation. Alternatively, you can dilute a few drops in water and spray the solution into the affected area.

Clean thoroughly

How to get rid of ants from home, the first step is to eliminate possible baits that attract them to your home. It is therefore essential to carefully clean the rooms, eliminating food residues and crumbs that could attract them. Therefore, always keep the floors, even outdoors, kitchen surfaces and pantry furniture, especially those intended for biscuits, bread and other baked goods. Immediately collect any crumbs that can fall on surfaces and floors inside the house or on balconies, terraces and courtyards. Also, pay attention to bowls of pet food: keep an eye on this area and clean it often to avoid favouring the pilgrimage of ants.

Vinegar and lemon juice

To clean the ants’ favourite environments and keep them away, it is advisable to wipe the washable surfaces, tiles and floors with a cloth soaked in white wine vinegar or pure and undiluted lemon juice. The smell of these two natural products seems to be very unpleasant for ants and by using these remedies consistently we should be able to eradicate the invasion of ants in a short time.

Mint plants

How to get rid of ants from home

The Mint is an aromatic plant pest and easy to cultivate. It gives off a pleasant aroma to most of us but unwelcome to ants. Grow some peppermint or spearmint plants near doors and windows, both in the ground and in pots: in this way, you will discourage ants, but also gnats and fleas. If you plant mint inside pots that house other plants, in addition to preventing the invasion of ants inside the pots, you will also keep aphids, lice and cabbage away.

Repellent essential oils

How to get rid of ants from home

In addition to tea tree oil, to eliminate ants from the rooms of the house, from balconies, courtyards and terraces, other essential oils also come to our aid. Among the essences most unwelcome to ants we find that of garlic, that of lemongrass and the essences of peppermint and spearmint. You can use these essential oils by mixing a few drops with the vinegar or lemon juice used to clean the house, or you can pour five drops of essential oil of your choice on a cotton ball and rub the ball along the paths chosen by the ants.

Alternatively, you can prepare a solution with 50 millilitres of white wine vinegar in which to disperse 30 drops of essential oil of peppermint, 20 drops of essential oil of lemongrass and 10 drops of lavender: pour everything into a small spray and vaporize the product several times a day in the favourite places of the ants. Always shake the spray before use, to better disperse the essential oils in the vinegar.

Sodium bicarbonate-How to get rid of ants from home

Among the natural remedies against ants, we also find baking soda, which seems to help keep these small insects away from the home. To use this natural and inexpensive ingredient for the purpose of warding off ants, first of all, it is necessary to check which path the little intruders prefer. The floor must then be carefully cleaned and, once dry, distribute the baking soda along the path that ants usually take. For a more effective result, scatter the baking soda even near small openings which can be exploited by ants, along the walls and along the crack of the entrance door. Sodium bicarbonate can be bought cheaply at the supermarket, it is a natural and harmless product for the environment and can be used both indoors and outdoors on balconies, terraces and courtyards. As an alternative to sodium bicarbonate, it is possible to use talcum powder or borax, available in pharmacies.

Dried spices and herbs-How to get rid of ants from home

In the access areas chosen by the ants, it is possible to distribute dried spices and herbs with a strong odour and not very pleasant to insects. For example, chilli peppers, cloves, chopped mint leaves and ground cinnamon are suitable for this purpose. You can use these ingredients alone or mixed with baking soda, distributing everything along the walls, in the area of ​​the entrance door and in the access areas used by ants. As with baking soda, which we have already seen, it is possible to use these natural remedies to eliminate ants even in areas outside the home.

Infusions-How to get rid of ants from home

If the plants on your balcony, patio or garden are teeming with ants, you probably have a problem with aphids. In fact, the ants feed on the honeydew produced by these plant parasites and an invasion of ants in the pots is almost always a symptom of an infestation by aphids. To ward off the ants it will therefore be necessary to eliminate the aphids and this can be obtained with infusions of nettle, wormwood or tansy. To prepare the infusion of tansy, use 20 grams of dry plant for each litre of water: bring the water to a boil then pour it on the dried plant and leave to infuse for half an hour. Let cool diluted with two parts of water and spray the product on the plants. The nettle and wormwood macerate is prepared in the same way: the herbs are immersed in cold water and left to macerate for a day: in this case, the final product is used pure, without dilutions.

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