how to check oil temperature

How to check oil temperature without a cooking thermometer- three methods to check the oil temperature

How to check oil temperature? Those who love fried food will surely know how important kitchen thermometers are to obtain good frying: whether it is chips, chicken wings, or doughnuts, avoiding going beyond the smoke point is also essential for the health of those who eat. But what if you don’t have a cooking thermometer? Here are 3 foolproof methods for measuring oil temperature with tools or household products.

When it comes to frying, the basic advice is to be very careful with the temperature of the oil. Thankfully, there are various ways to measure this temperature, even when you don’t have a kitchen thermometer handy. Anyone can measure the temperature of the oil with simple kitchen tools: here’s how.


How to check oil temperature

Bread is probably a food on average always available in the pantry: anyone who finds himself with a few pieces of bread at hand, which can be used to test the temperature of the oil. For this method, just dip a small piece of bread in more or less hot oil. If the bread turns brown in one minute, then the oil temperature is about 180 ° C.

Furthermore, bread can also be used to lower the temperature: if you see that your oil gets too hot, dip a larger piece of bread in the pan or fryer, in order to lower the temperature of the oil without letting it burn.

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How to check oil temperature

Using wood is also a good way to test the temperature of your oil, in the absence of a thermometer. To apply this method, a wooden ladle or a Chinese chopstick will suffice: heat the oil and then immerse the wooden object in the oil; if the oil starts bubbling constantly, then it is hot enough for frying. If the oil is boiling too vigorously, then it is too hot and you should let it cool down a bit. If there are few bubbles, then the oil is not hot enough for frying.


How to check oil temperature

Do you have some popcorn at home? If the answer is positive, also know that dropping a single grain of popcorn in the oil while it is heating is a good way to test its temperature. As soon as the oil the popcorn is golden, the oil will have reached a temperature of about 180 ° C: hurry to remove it to prevent it from burning and ruining the oil.

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