syrup peaches


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Syrup peaches
Recipe and procedure for making homemade peaches in syrup to taste them delicious and crunchy throughout the year. The ingredients are only fresh peaches, water and sugar.

For the recipe and the execution I turned to Diana, my mother-in-law, who makes peaches in syrup every year and they are very good, in fact even after months in the jar they remain fresh and fragrant as they were just made.

800g of sugar
2 litres of water
4kg approximately of peaches preferably yellow or perched type

1. How to make syrup peaches-Step 1

In a saucepan, prepare the syrup with sugar and water, turn on the heat and stir constantly to dissolve the sugar. The syrup is ready when the water becomes transparent. We turn off the heat and let it cool. In the meantime, prepare the peaches, wash them well, peel them and remove any imperfections, keep them whole.

We prepare the jars. We cut the peaches into three large pieces eliminating the core, we try to keep a whole half in order to have a half-sphere.
Then we place the half-sphere on the bottom of the jar with the flat part at the bottom. This is the base that will allow the other pieces to settle up to the top filling the spaces, always insert them with the flat part down. We fill the whole jar to the brim by pressing a little if necessary.

2. How to make-Step 2

Now let’s pour the syrup into the jars to the brim. We close the jars tightly screwing carefully. We prepare a large saucepan for the bain-marie, wrap each of the jars in the kitchen paper and put them in the pot one after the other, fill with water until they are completely covered and we light the fire. Since the water boils, let 3 minutes pass and turn off. We immediately remove the jars from the water and place them upside down on a cloth. We cover with a cloth and let it cool.

When they are cold we turn them upside down again and the peaches in syrup are ready! We fix a nice label with the production date and we can keep them for a year in the pantry, they will remain fresh and crunchy! You too can try this recipe for canned peaches and if you liked it, share syrup peaches with your friends!

syrup peaches
syrup peaches

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