Cultivating lovage

Lovage, also called mountain celery, is an aromatic herb with an intense aroma, reminiscent of celery and of which the foliage is collected above all. It is a medicinal species belonging to the Umbelliferae or Apiaceae family, as well as dill and fennel, interesting because it can be easily grown […]

Hyssop: medicinal plant rich in properties

Hyssop is a medicinal plant that we could define as autochthonous, given that its origins are Mediterranean and have always been found in our territories. It is a very adaptable species and very simple to cultivate, which in addition to its beneficial properties offers us a very attractive flowering for […]

The cultivation of lavender

The term lavender derives from the verb “wash”, the plant owes its name to its good scent: being used in soaps or to perfume drawers, it is typically associated with an idea of ​​good and clean. When it blooms in the garden it is an explosion of color and this […]

Aloysia citrodora: cultivation and properties of lemon verbena

Aloysia citrodora (lemon verbena) herb is an aromatic and medicinal plant with a scent very similar to that of lemon balm, which is a characteristic intense note of lemon. We easily hear it mentioned with other names such as “lemon Beebrush”, “Lippiatriphylla”, “herb Louisa” or verbena triphylla, but also “aloysiacitriodora” […]

The cultivation of the fig

The fig is a typical Mediterranean plant, which is found spontaneously in hot and arid areas, thanks to its remarkable ability to adapt. It even manages to exploit the little land between the cracks in the dry stone walls, where it is often seen developing to challenge the stones with […]

Echinacea: cultivation and properties

Echinacea is a plant that we can classify as both ornamental and medicinal, since it reflects the characteristics of both types, with its splendid flower and extraordinary beneficial properties. Its pink bloom is truly splendid and also very loved by butterflies, even for this reason alone it deserves to be […]

Tarragon Estragon: garden spices

We present an aromatic herb with a strong and particular flavor, ideal to grow in the home garden to have some spices always available in the kitchen and change the flavor of our recipes a little. Tarragon is an aromatic plant also cultivated in Italy, especially in Tuscany and in […]

How to grow garden cress

Garden cress is an interesting annual plant to grow in the garden, even if little is known. It is characterized by being adaptable to different soils, has good resistance to cold, and can also be grown in pots if you garden on the balcony. Garden cress (Lepidium sativus) is also […]

Cumin: how it is grown

Cumin is an aromatic herb often also referred to as “caraway“, a term that suggests its spontaneous presence in natural environments. It is precisely in the meadows, pastures, and uncultivated areas that it is often found in a mixture with many other essences, especially in the areas of the Alps. […]

How to grow coriander

Grow coriander, (Coriandrum sativum) is an aromatic herb widely used in oriental cuisine but still little known in our tradition, but it can also be easily grown in our garden. By its health properties, this plant, also known as “Chinese parsley, deserves to be introduced more often in the gardens […]