green spinach pasta

Green spinach pasta: the recipe for making the coloured browse

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The green spinach pasta is the coloured variant of the classic fresh egg pasta. Versatile and delicate taste, it will be enough to add the spinach, with a pan and then finely chopped, to give a colour note to your homemade puff; Once obtained, you will only have to lay it out with a rolling pin (or with the special machine) and then enjoy packaging the formats you love most: noodles, fettuccine, Tortelli, lasagna or even of the simple maltagliati. To be filled with creamy fillings or to season with delicious sauce, to create many, endless first courses. Find out how to make it without making a move to step by step by step recipe.

Ready in: 40 min
Calories in green spinach pasta: 770 kcal


Flour (type 00) 200 gr • 36 kcal
Medium eggs 2 • 600 kcal
Spinach 40 gr • 24 kcal
Calories refer to 100 grams of the product

How to prepare green spinach pasta

green spinach pasta

Clean the spinach, wash them thoroughly and cook them in a pan for about ten minutes, with the residual water alone of washing (1).

green spinach pasta

Collect the spinach in a colander and drain them well, eliminating excess water (2).

green spinach pasta

Chop the spinach to the knife (3) and then keep them aside.

green spinach pasta

Collect the flour in the bowl of a planetary and joined the eggs (4).

green spinach pasta

Add 40 grams of spinach (5) and start kneading with the leaf hook, at average speed.

green spinach pasta

Once you have obtained a soda and a homogeneous mixture, form a dough (6) wrap it in a sheet of cling film and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

green spinach pasta

After this time, spend the dough in a thin puff pastry (7) and make the desired format.


For best results, collect the spinach in a sheltered colander and then mash it with the back of a spoon to drain all excess water; alternatively, you can move them to a clean white cotton cloth, wrap it and wring it well.

You can chop the spinach to the knife, as suggested in our recipe, or blend them by helping you with a kitchen mixer.

To work the dough, you can use a planetary with the leaf hook or a classic kitchen robot; In the event that you have not available, you can also work by hand.

The green spinach pasta is perfect for making tasty lasagna, to be filled with a rich ragout to the Bolognese, ravioli or Tortelli to be filled with cream cheeses, or even fresh tagliatelle to season a fish sauce.


It is advisable to use fresh pasta at the moment, but you can also keep it in the refrigerator, well wrapped with cling film, for a few hours. Once you have made the desired formats, you can also freeze them raw (for about 3 months). At the time of consumption, just immerse them in boiling water and salt while still frozen.

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