Cumin: how it is grown

Cumin is an aromatic herb often also referred to as “caraway“, a term that suggests its spontaneous presence in natural environments. It is precisely in the meadows, pastures, and uncultivated areas that it is often found in a mixture with many other essences, especially in the areas of the Alps. […]

grow coriander

How to grow coriander

Grow coriander, (Coriandrum sativum) is an aromatic herb widely used in oriental cuisine but still little known in our tradition, but it can also be easily grown in our garden. By its health properties, this plant, also known as “Chinese parsley, deserves to be introduced more often in the gardens […]


The marigold: cultivation and properties

Marigold is a beautiful flower and also a very simple plant to grow. Putting it among vegetables can be doubly advantageous: the flower has the effect of attracting bees and other beneficial insects, the calendula plant has extraordinary medicinal properties. Calendula officinalis has always been used in the field of […]


Chervil and its cultivation

Chervil, Anthriscus Cerefolium, is a plant that is part of the umbrella family like other aromatic herbs and is relatively simple to grow in the garden, as well as in a pot on the balcony. The leaves of this species are used and a small amount is enough to give […]

grow thistles

Grow thistles in the organic garden

Thistles plant is of Mediterranean origin, is sown in May, and develops in the summer heat, which they love very much, to be harvested just before winter. It is a horticultural plant similar in appearance to celery and in botany to artichoke, known and cultivated since the times of the […]


Borage cultivation

Borage is a spontaneous herb that is also grown as a vegetable, being edible and indeed very good. It is part of the culinary tradition of some areas of Italy, such as Liguria where it is used for the filling of ravioli. It is an interesting presentation for the organic […]

grow dill

Grow dill

Grow dill, to enrich the overview of the herbs to be included in the garden, let’s try to get to know dill, a plant that is easily found in our territories in the wild, in the plains and hills up to 600 meters above sea level. Its intense aroma, reminiscent […]

wild garlic

Wild garlic

Wild garlic is a species that grows spontaneously in some woods, where we can recognize it by its fleshy leaves with a bright green color, and an intense smell similar to that of common garlic. It also emits many delightful white flowers which, however, should not be confused with those […]

medicinal plants

Medicinal plants

Nature offers many natural remedies that can prove to be precious in ensuring the health and well-being of the body. Man has always sought and used the healing properties present in plants, from the traditional ancient medicine of every culture to modern phytotherapy. Medicinal plants are plant species that have […]

how to save onion seeds

How to save onion seeds

How to save onion seeds, the onion is a very simple species to grow, which should not be missing in every home garden. Its unmistakable flavor, combined with the fact that the vegetable comes from our garden, makes cultivation rewarding. It is a biennial herbaceous plant (Allium Cepa) of which […]