Grow leeks

Grow leeks, leek (Allium porrum) is a horticultural plant of the lily family, very interesting to grow because of its many uses in the kitchen, but also because it is harvested almost all year round. Being quite resistant to freezing, it is a perfect winter vegetable, suitable for populating our land in a period when …

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Neem oil for plants: non-toxic insecticide

Neem oil for plants is an excellent natural insecticide, ecological, and substantially non-toxic for humans, which does not even disturb bees and pollinating insects in general. For these reasons, it is particularly interesting among the various natural insecticides. Azadirachtin is the active ingredient found in the seeds and therefore in the neem oil, it is …

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Natural insecticides (prepare the nettle macerate)

Among the natural insecticides, one of the most important for the family garden is nettle macerate, because in addition to being completely organic, it can be self-produced very simply, with great economic savings compared to the pesticides found on the market. Nettles are a very common spontaneous herb and very easy to recognize, which is …

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