Fake fish recipe


Fake Fish recipe Quick and Easy.

Fake fish recipe is a tasty and original recipe, easy and quick to prepare. It is a perfect fish mousse to enrich a buffet or to be proposed as an appetizer, perhaps spread on bread croutons or eaten with breadsticks. Its name is given by the shape that is usually given to this salty mousse, or a fish. The ingredients needed for this recipe are few and simple. All you need is boiled potatoes, tuna and pickles and in a few steps, we will make a fish appetizer … even if there is no fish! The real fun is to decorate the fake fish.

Carrots, olives, peas, salad, in short, we use all our imagination and creativity, and each time we will bring a different dish to the table! It is also an alternative way to make children eat whimsical fish. They will not be able to resist its fun shape and its thousand colours! If you make this recipe, send me your photos because I’m really curious to see how you decorate it!

Preparation time: 10 min
Ready in: 10 min
Amount per serving Calories 142

500 g of boiled potatoes I recommend those with yellow paste
250 g of tuna in oil, drained weight
2 tablespoons of pickles
1 tablespoon of capers
3-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise
salt only if necessary
rocket salad
tuft of chives

Preparation of Fake fish recipe

We peel the boiled potatoes and mash them with the help of a potato masher when they are still hot. Who does not have a potato masher can break the potatoes with the prongs of a fork
In the bowl of a blender, we put the tuna with the capers, the mayonnaise, the pickles and whisk until a creamy sauce is obtained. If the capers are in salt, don’t forget to rinse them under running water before using them.

We add the freshly made cream to the mashed potatoes, then mix everything until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Now let’s taste and evaluate whether to adjust with a pinch of salt.
In a tray, we give shape to the fake fish recipe.

Let’s start with the back of a spoon, then, to level the surface, we use a smooth blade knife.
We can spread it completely with mayonnaise or if we prefer to leave it like this and decorate it at will. I wanted to make a sort of clownfish, then I cut a carrot into very thin slices with a vegetable peeler and spread them over all the fish. Then I decorated again with chives, and finally, I made the eye using half an olive. As a final touch, I put the rocket around the fish. Obviously this is one of the possible ways to decorate the fake fish recipe, so let’s feel free to use all our imagination!
The fake fish recipe is ready to table! It is excellent as an appetizer spread on croutons or eaten with breadsticks.

Fake fish recipe
Fake fish recipe

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