dry and cracked feet

Dry and cracked feet? Maybe you make one of these mistakes!

Dry and cracked feet? If despite the summer care dedicated to your feet you still have them dry and cracked, you could make one of these mistakes.

The feet need specific care mainly because they are forced to support the whole weight of our body and also because they are often stressed by poorly ergonomic footwear, especially women’s feet.

If your feet are always dry and cracked, maybe you don’t pay them the right attention or make mistakes in choosing shoes and clothing.

Dry and cracked feet – here are the mistakes you could make every day

Do you also apply moisturizer to your feet every time you shower but isn’t that enough? Not, the feet need pampering and targeted treatments, especially if they are often dry and cracked, especially on the heels.

Here are the 6 mistakes some of which could be the cause of your dry feet:

1- Wrong footwear

Footwear is essential for the health and also the beauty of our feet. Wearing shoes that are too tight, with poorly ergonomic and hard soles can cause dry feet, especially on the heels where annoying fissures can occur.

2- Synthetic socks

The socks you wear are also important. Synthetic stockings and tights cause the skin to dry out and their rubbing on the epidermis of the feet can also irritate some parts in a specific way.

3- Do not carry out the weekly scrub

Not doing a weekly scrub during the pedicure is a mistake. The scrub based on salt and vegetable oils, in fact, with its mechanical action, eliminates dead cells, thins hardened skin, and makes the feet soft and velvety.

4- Do not use the rasp

Even a rasp is a tool too often forgotten, perhaps because it involves painstaking work in being passed over the hardened parts of the feet. It is essential to reduce the phenomenon of dry feet and cracking.

5- Do not use the night treatment

The night treatment for those who have always dry and cracked feet turns out to be fundamental, like masks. There is vegetable butter suitable for the feet on the market, such as shea butter which can be applied generously on the feet in the evening just before wearing white and cotton socks.
Even the masks to be worn as socks are a cutting-edge product and able to give the skin of the feet new life.

6- Do not use specific products

A moisturizer is not enough to keep your feet soft and velvety. It is necessary to use products specifically formulated for the feet that are formulated and added with super moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.

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