basil liqueur

Basil liqueur

Basil liqueur, basil is one of the most cultivated and used aromatic herbs. Usually, it is used to prepare Genoese pesto or to flavor hot dishes and salads, but this time we want to use it to make a fresh and perfect liqueur to serve as a digestive. To prepare […]

Lemon liqueur with rosemary

Lemon liqueur, homemade liqueurs are a really simple way to use the fruits of the garden and allow you to play a lot with your imagination to create even very particular combinations. Today we offer you a lemon liqueur with rosemary, very digestive and therefore perfect to offer after meals. […]

Bay leaf liqueur

Bay leaf liqueur, if you have a vegetable garden you will surely have numerous and fragrant self-produced aromatic herbs at your disposal. In addition to using them to flavor your recipes, many of these can be used to create excellent liqueurs, ideal to drink at the end of a meal […]

Anise or aniseed liqueur

Anise is a spice with a very intense and particular taste. If you love its aroma, you can try to prepare a delicious anise liqueur (aniseed liqueur) to offer to your guests after dinner or to give on some special occasion. Like all liqueurs, the preparation of anisette is very […]

Strawberry Caipirinha with Vodka

On festive days, you can’t miss refreshing and energetic drinks! If you are looking for drink recipes for Carnival, New Year, or even for a birthday, check out this suggestion from Special-food of strawberry caipirinha with Vodka, also called strawberry caipiroska. This is one of the classic cocktails at a […]

Watermelon caipirinha

If you like Caipifruta, you will definitely like this Boileddinner.com suggestion! Here we teach you how to prepare a watermelon caipirinha, to liven up your party! This drink is very refreshing and smoother than the traditional caipirinha, since the watermelon, having a high percentage of water, dilutes the alcohol a […]

Vodka caipirinha with lemon

Everyone knows that traditional Brazilian vodka caipirinha is prepared with Cachaça or Pinga. However, you can get a different drink if you simply substitute vodka for that drink. See how to make lemon caipirinha with vodka in a blender or a cocktail shaker! This vodka with lemon caipirinha recipe is […]


We all know that sugary and carbonated drinks are harmful to health, fortunately, there is an alternative, there are many healthy drinks to choose from, below is a list of the 18 best drinks: The complete list Let’s see them for now listed one at a time and explained in […]

Brazil nut milk

One of the most nutritious vegetable drinks we can consume is Brazil nut milk. If you want to learn how to make vegetable milk from Brazil nuts, continue here at SpecialFood! Today we are witnessing an increasing concern to reduce the consumption of foods of animal origin, including cow’s milk. […]

Rob Roy cocktail: the scotch whiskey drink recipe

The Rob Roy cocktail is a strong pre-dinner drink with a reddish colour, considered the “twin” of the Manhattan cocktail: the recipe, in fact, is almost the same, but scotch whiskey is used instead of rye whiskey, of American origin. Scottish, mixed with vermouth and a drop of Angostura. It […]