Cream of tofu silken

Cream of tofu silken with fruit

Cream of tofu silken with fruit quick & easy recipe: a light and creamy vegan dessert, prepared with persimmon, banana, papaya, silken tofu and cinnamon, without added sugar and ready in 5 minutes.


Dessert For 2 people

1 Persimmon
½ ripe banana
½ papaya
125 g of silken tofu

How to proceed Cream of tofu silken

Preparation: approx. 5 minutes

Peel the persimmon. Slice the persimmon and banana. Peel the papaya, remove the seeds and cut into slices and set some aside for garnish. Blend the remaining fruit. Add the tofu and blend everything finely. Flavour with cinnamon and serve with the fruit set aside.

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