coffee roll cake

Coffee Roll Cake

coffee roll cake. Quick and easy recipe.

The coffee roll cake is a simple dessert to prepare, perfect for many occasions, it is also an excellent idea as a birthday cake for coffee lovers!
We can cut it into slices and serve it cold for a homemade buffet or for a party with friends. It is a delicious dessert, easy and quick to bring to the table and a few simple ingredients are required to make it. A soft base of coffee-flavoured biscuit dough with a filling of cream, coffee and chocolate flakes that will conquer everyone at the first taste. Now let’s see together how to prepare the homemade coffee roll cake!

Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: 15 min
Ready in: 30 mins


4 eggs
4 tablespoons of boiling water
80 gr of sugar
70 gr of sunflower oil
70 g of flour
1 tablespoon of instant coffee
500 ml of already sweetened cream
2 tablespoons of instant coffee
Dark chocolate chips

1. Preparation of Coffee Roll Cake

Let’s start by preparing the cookie dough. Then we separate the yolks from the egg whites, whisk the egg whites and when they are still firmly adding the sugar, continuing to mix.

We pick up the yolks and add a spoonful of instant coffee. We pour boiling water over the yolks, a spoonful for each yolk. The boiling water will serve to whip them better and dissolve the instant coffee. Stir with the whisk until the mixture is nice frothy, then add the oil and flour little by little, always mixing.

At this point we combine the two compounds, then with the help of a spatula, add the beaten egg whites to the yolks, combining them a little at a time. We mix the dough from the bottom up making sure not to take it apart.

Pour the dough into a 30x 36 cm oven tray with parchment paper on the bottom, I used a 12-portion disposable aluminium tray. We spread the dough well and level the surface with the spatula. We cook the roll in a convection oven at 175 ° for 15 minutes or in a static oven at 185 ° for the same time.

After the time, take it out of the oven, remove the cookie dough from the pan and let it cool for a few minutes. Turn it over a sheet of clean parchment paper, gently remove the sheet used in cooking and, using another sheet of parchment paper, turn it over again. Let it cool completely, then prepare the filling.

2. Preparation

We prepare the coffee cream: in a saucepan, we put 2 tablespoons of instant coffee and add about 50 ml of cream taken from the total. Bring on the fire and melt the coffee in the cream, stirring. Let it cool completely.
In a bowl, whip the rest of the cream using the electric whisk.

We chop the dark chocolate to obtain the chocolate chips. Alternatively, chocolate chips can be used. The crunchy effect of the chocolate in the filling will make this roll even more delicious!

We combine the coffee cream, very cold, with the whipped cream and mix well. Our filling is ready!

Pour half the cream on the biscuit base, spread and level with a spatula, leaving a cm from the edges.
We cover with chocolate chips and close the roll, helping ourselves with the sheet of parchment paper. Let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour before decorating.

At this point, we remove the parchment paper and cut the ends of the roll, in this way it will be more precise and elegant.

Place the roll on a serving plate and decorate as desired with the advanced coffee cream, using a piping bag. For a final touch, we add some coffee beans and the coffee roll cake is ready to be brought to the table.

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