Citrus fruit salad

Citrus fruit salad with ice cream stars

Citrus fruit salad, vanilla ice cream stars, chopped pistachios and a few mint leaves are enough to turn citrus fruit salad into a festive dessert.


Citrus fruit salad- Dessert For 4 people

2 oranges
2 grapefruits
2 tangerines
250 g of vanilla ice cream
25 g of chopped pistachios
4 sprigs of mint

How to proceed Citrus fruit salad

ca. 25 minutes

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place it in the freezer.

Remove the upper and lower caps of the oranges and grapefruits then, with a knife, peel them and cut them into slices. Peel the tangerines and cut them into slices too. Distribute the citrus fruits on the plates.

Arrange the ice cream block on the frozen tray and cut into slices of approx. 1 cm thick. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon, then with star-shaped cookie cutters of various sizes cut out of ice cream stars. Arrange them on the citrus fruits, garnish with pistachios and mint and serve immediately.

Useful tips

To prevent the ice cream from melting quickly, cut out the stars in advance and keep them in the freezer until ready to serve the dessert.
To taste, sprinkle the dessert with a drizzle of date syrup or honey.

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